The smell of the forest, the sound of trampled leaves, the rustling of bushes, the company of a furry four-legged friend and a unique flavour that only earth can transmit: an experience in close contact with the truffle can be made in very few areas of the world and Tuscany is one of them. Immersed in the wild nature you will walk accompanied by expert truffle hunters, great connoisseurs and custodians of the territory, you will discover the secrets of the places where this precious fruit of the underground is born, you will learn the hunting techniques and you will observe how the dog, guided by specific commands, can find and bring back to the master the precious treasure. Don’t forget that the true actor in the search for truffles is always the dog: with its owner, the beast forms a unique and essential bond, making truffle hunting an intimate moment that is often imperceptible to non-experts. Obviously, this amazing experience cannot end with a dry mouth: the perfect end is at the table where you will taste the found fruit, whose quality varies according to the season, combined with local salami and a good glass of Chianti wine. For the most demanding palates, the experience is enriched with the possibility of participating in a full meal based on truffles, lunch or dinner in a farm or a restaurant, with excellent wines carefully combined with dishes. The more curious, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to go deeper in the world of truffles, thanks to a cooking class led by superfine cooks. Truffle hunting is certainly one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences, suitable for the whole family. Each tour will be customized and tailor-made according to your needs and your wishes, with the possibility of combining other experiences: visits to the wineries with wine tastings, walking, bike tours, horse riding, visits to medieval villages, tasting of craft beer in one of the many microbreweries of the area, educational farm experiences for the little ones.


The truffle is an underground fungus that resembles an irregular, rough-skinned potato. There are several species, more or less valuable, which vary in colour (white or black) and shape (globose or round). Each type of truffle has its own seasonality and its habitat, therefore it is not possible to find all the truffle variants in the same place and in the same season. The use of truffle in the kitchen is synonymous to high gastronomy. Truffles are in fact one of the most prized (and expensive) foods in the world, with a unique and unmistakable flavour, considered a status symbol that combines elegance and culinary refinement. The truffle is commonly used in raw flakes or grated, in combination with many dishes such as pasta or baked meat, even if it is best served on top of a simple fried egg. For the choice of the wine combination, it is always necessary to refer to the dish in which the truffle is used, even if it is a good rule to use wines with low tannic content and not too structured, in the attempt to not cover the delicate flavour of the truffle.


To those who love exotic flavours, beyond traditional Tuscan dishes, to those who would be glad to taste one of the most expensive foods in the world, to those who like to experience nature and is curious of discovering the fantastic relationship between a man and his dog. Suitable and perfect for families with children and for the ones that are running away from the chaos of the city and are willing to relax in the countryside.


Italian / English speaking Truffle Master.

Truffle hunting.

Truffle tasting.

Private transport with air-conditioned vehicle.

Free WiFi (during the transfers).

Full / light lunch.

Photo-stops and breaks at your convenience.

Cash or credit card payment.


Wine tour.

Cheese experience.

Cooking class.

Horse riding.

Hiking / walking tour.

Biking tour with E-Bike or Mountain Bike.

Vespa tour.

Photography workshop.

Photo shoot / video production.



Do you know which is the best animal for truffle hunting? It is not the dog, but the pig! As strange and funny as it seems, the pig has a much more developed sense of smell than the dog and can find truffles even at great depth. The pig has a natural passion for truffles and is therefore driven in the search by the strong desire to eat them. Then why isn’t it used? Since 1985, it is illegal in Italy to hunt truffles using pigs because, compared to dogs, they ruin the ground much more by digging huge holes, removing young plants and destroying roots. The pig is also much more complicated to transport, it gets tired much earlier, it is less obedient than man’s best friend, and as already said, it would search voraciously for truffles, making it difficult to save them from being eaten or ruined for market uses.



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