Tuscany is a real jungle: it is not easy to unravel the various offers on the market when you have to move your boat through a sea of farmhouses, hotels, tours, web portals. It is even more difficult to make the right choice or to organize the perfect holiday without sticking to the generic offers that can’t satisfy an expert traveler. This is why we like to define us more as a group of travel designers than a tour operator. We have made available our experience as Tuscan travellers and citizens in order to deliver tailor-made and exclusive journeys, based on your taste, passions, fears, favourite music, habits, job. We do not have a catalogue nor prearranged routes: we draw, build, and sign your trip for you only.

We will need to know each other better, before to offer you a travel plan that is truly authentic and unique. We will decide together what you could visit and for how long, which places and accomodations suit you the most, if to rent a mean of transportation (with or without a driver) or to travel by the public system. We will suggest museums according to their schedules as well as which specialties you should try and which ones are not to be missed. We are specialized in enogastronomic tourism, but we have a wide knowledge of Tuscany and we are able to offer several different experiences: bike tours, guided city/museums tours, wineyard walkings, gourmet tours, personal shopping, cooking classes, fly fishing, cook at home, arts&crafts tours, wedding and event planning, photographic workshops and private shootings during your trip, golf lessons, babysitting, truffle hunting, brewery tours, pub walking tours, and all kinds of different guides ready to accompany you 24/7. We offer themed holydays as well as hybrids, with the possibility of choosing among a wide range of different experiences: we know that each member of a group could have his/her personal idea on how to spend time and to split up for some hours could make everyone happier when coming back together for dinner!

As artisans, we like to work on unique products to satisfy every expectation: for us, it’s like making small, big dreams come true!

Discover the secrets of the most ancient Tuscany inhabitants, the Etruscans, while visiting Cortona, a jewel renewed as the setting of the book and film “Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy”; walk on the city walls of Monteriggioni, one of the Medieval best preserved villages; drink a glass of Vernaccia staring at the towers of San Gimignano; dive in the atmospheres of Siena’s Palio or Florence Historical Football; drive every possible kind of bike along the cliffs of Chianti and the white roads of Eroica; visit Uffizi with your children thanks to structured educational paths; learn how to make mosaics; trek on the Francigena, Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi; have a meal in a starred restaurant or dig deep in the enogastronomical heritage of Tuscany thanks to a gourmet tour around small shops and osterie; overfly Montalcino’s wineyards with a helicopter; visit the most genuine cellars and taste the best local wines, from Chianti Classico to Brunello; have lunch in the cellar itself or take part in a vertical tasting to experience different vintages of the same wine type from the same winery, learn the secrets of Pienza’s diaries.

Contact us for a free advice, because there is no limit to what we can do for you, you just have to ask.