The Chianti Classico tour is without doubt one of the most requested wine tours in Tuscany. You can't say you have been to Tuscany if you haven't visited at least one Chianti winery and drunk a good glass of the local red wine. Ideal for departures from Florence and Siena, from which it is also possible to carry out half-day visits, Chianti is easily reachable from every part of Tuscany with a full-day tour, lunch included. On board our minibus you will be accompanied to carefully selected companies that reflect our standards in terms of product quality, respect for the environment and hospitality. The Half-Day Chianti Classico Tour will give you the opportunity to visit, taste the wines and learn more about the history of two wineries. The One-Day Chianti Classico Tour will instead be a real full immersion in the world of Chianti wine and all that surrounds it: you will visit two wineries and taste the wines, discover the secrets of the vineyards, taste the true flavours of Tuscan food through a guided lunch in a tavern, a farm, or even in a cellar, You will have the chance to walk through a characteristic village, listening to the stories of this incredible land’s inhabitants. You can also integrate the tour of the cellars and villages with a cooking or photography class, a horseback ride, a walk or an e-bike excursion through vineyards and hills or other tastings activities centered on oil and/or cheese.


Chianti or, more correctly, Chianti Classico is a wine area that stretches between the cities of Florence and Siena and takes its name from the most famous wine produced in Tuscany. Most of the vineyards and cellars are located in the villages of Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, Radda in Chianti, Castelnuovo Berardenga, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, and Barberino Val d ' Elsa. You will be amazed by Chianti’s characteristic landscape: hilly panoramas of vines and olive trees sprouting behind every curve with the clear intent to leave the viewer breathless. It is because of the hills, together with the characteristics of the soil, the peculiarities of the climate and, above all, the wisdom and love for the land of the winemakers that this magnificent wine prospers.


The Prince of Chianti lands is undoubtedly the Sangiovese: an ancient grape variety already known by the Etruscans, first spread in central Italy and later throughout the peninsula through the trade routes of that time. The best results are obtained by maturing the wine in large barrels instead of normal ones. Sangiovese is usually present in Chianti wines in percentages ranging from 80 to 100%. Other black grapes such as Canaiolo, Colorino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are allowed. Chianti wine has always been an icon in both Italian and world enology. It is characterized by a strong flavor and it is also suitable for long maturation. It mainly presents itself with hints of red fruits (cherry, currant, raspberry and blackberry) in addition to the ones due to the aging in wood barrels: leather, tobacco, plum and orange peel. Another characteristic of the Sangiovese is its mutability as it adapts very well to the soil, enhancing its characteristics: this makes the Chianti an absolutely variegated wine, whose peculiarities depend on the production area, the vintage and the decisions taken by the winemaker, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The production of Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. is regulated by the homonymous consortium, which grants the quality of all the associated wineries and makes Chianti one of the largest and most important denominations in Italy. There are three types of Chianti Classico: Chianti Classico Annata, fresh, easy to drink, not aged and without the need to pass in wood; Chianti Classico Riserva, decidedly more full-bodied and structured than the previous one, aged at least 24 months of which 3 in bottle; Chianti Classico Selezione, recently introduced, it is produced from a single vineyard or from a selection of the best grapes. This last type is subjected to strict rules, it is aged for at least 30 months, 3 of which in bottle. In the last few years, many wineries compement the production of Chianti with IGT or Super Tuscan wines: wines of enormous quality resulting from the expression and inspiration of Tuscan producers who have decided to experiment more, despite the undisputed merits of traditional wines. Chianti wine has great versatility and, for this reason, it lends itself to a great variety of combinations with food: that is why, in Tuscany, it is considered the “table wine” par excellence. It gives its best in combination with cold cuts, homemade pasta with meat sauce, Fiorentina steak, and sheep cheeses.


Italian / English

speaking wine masters.

Cellar / wineyards visits.

Wine tasting.

Private transport with air-conditioned vehicle.

Free WiFi (during the transfers).

Full / light lunch.

Photo-stops and breaks at your convenience.

Cash or credit card payment.


Truffle experience.

Cheese experience.

Horse riding.

Hiking / walking tour.

Biking tour with E-Bike or Mountain Bike.

Vespa tour.

Cooking class.

Photography workshop.

Black Rooster Legend

Black Rooster Legend

The symbol of Chianti, the Black Rooster, dates back to the Middle Ages when the Republics of Siena and Florence fought harshly to determine their borders. It was thus decided, by mutual agreement, to give way to a singular race: at the singing of the respective cocks, two knights would have left their own cities riding a horse in the direction of the other; the meeting point was decreed as the border between the two republics. The Sienese opted to feed abundantly their white cock, certain that he would have woke up earlier and sung louder. The Florentines, on the other hand, opted to make their black cock starving. In fact, the hungry black cock woke up much earlier than the other and the Florentine knight set off with a great advantage, meeting the other knight only 12 km away from the city of Siena. The black rooster, the absolute protagonist of the victory, became the symbol of the Chianti area, at that point largely controlled by the Republic of Florence.



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