An old farmhouse, the Tuscan hills’ panorama and the quiet of the countryside: this is what awaits, if you decide to participate in one of our tours dedicated to the secrets of Pecorino di Pienza and other Tuscan cheeses such as Abbucciato Aretino, the Grande Vecchio di Montefollonico, the Marzolino del Chianti, the Pecorino Fossa del Greppo di Montepulciano, the Raviggiolo, the Ricotta as well as some niche goat cheeses. An authentic experience through the places where cheese is still produced today according to tradition, natural environments where the scent of mother nature is the one of genuine taste. From sheep pastures to production rooms, we will explore every step up to the moment that will literally leave you in awe: cheese tasting. We will discover together the freshest and most seasoned cheeses, accompanied by artisanal salami and a glass of good Chianti: a trip through the world of Tuscan food and wine that you will always remember! Finally, you will be able to listen, as in all our experiences, to the stories of the protagonists who carefully guard the dairy art as well as the stories and legends that have made and continue to make the places we visit so unique. Each tour will be customized and tailor-made according to your needs and your wishes, with the possibility of combining other experiences: visits to the wineries with wine tastings, truffle hunting, walking, bike tours, horse riding, visits to medieval villages, tasting of craft beer in one of the many microbreweries of the area. If you want a unique experience for the whole family, we recommend a visit to one of the our selected educational farms: while the grown-ups can taste typical local products, the little ones, will learn about country life surrounded by the cutest animals, by getting their hands dirty and carrying out practical activities.


Cheese is a food of ancient origins and owes its fortune to the simplicity and widespread availability of the ingredients used. The cheese is in fact made with milk, whole or skimmed, raw or pasteurized, inoculated or not with natural milk enzymes. The cheese production phases, which will be well explained during your visit, are: milk preparation, coagulation, break of the curd, cooking, extraction of the curd, shaping, salting and maturation. There is never a lack of cheese inside Tuscans’ fridges and on their tables. Moreover, cheese is a strictly territorial product: each geographical area has its own, with characteristics and peculiarities due to the history, tradition and customs of the production area.


To those who love cheese and aim to discover its secrets, both in terms of production cycle and tasting techniques. To those who would appreciate an experience in connection with peasant culture, for families with children, to those who want to relax in the countryside and run away from the city chaos.


Italian / English speaking

Cheese Master.

Dairy farm tour.

Cheese tasting.

Private transport with air-conditioned vehicle.

Free WiFi (during the transfers).

Full / light lunch.

Photo-stops and breaks at your convenience.

Cash or credit card payment.


Wine tour.

Truffle experience.

Cooking class.

Horse riding.

Hiking / walking tour.

Biking tour with E-Bike or Mountain Bike.

Vespa tour.

Photography workshop.

Photo shoot / video production.

Fossa cheese

Fossa cheese

The history of the Fossa cheese, a fine strong-tasting, smelly jewel, is very unique and funny too.

The legend says that, at the end of the 15th Century, Alfonso of Aragon and his army were returning from the war in France. Defeated and hungry, they began to rob the peasants standing along their way home. The voice of this barbarity began to precede the Neapolitan prince’s arrival, so that the peasants started taking countermeasures, such as hiding their provisions, including their cheese, in sandstone pits. When, after months of camping, the armies left the area, the peasants resumed their provisions and discovered that the cheese, instead of maturing as it did within house walls, had acquired an excellent aroma. Thus, one of the most delicious dairy rarities was discovered.

Tour su misura

Tour su misura

We do not offer standard packages, but only tailor-made experiences based on each client’s taste and inclination, so to satisfy every need and expectation.
Your holiday is unique, just like you are! Tell us who you are, what are the passions that drive you, what are you looking for in Tuscany and leave us some (short) time to come back to you with a personalized offer.